Paolo Borgonovo

Paolo Borgonovo

Not only Mountain Guide, Ski, Snowboard and Cross-country Ski Instructor: Paolo Borgonovo is also an operator of C.N.S.A.S. and Coordinator of the Mountaineering Activities Office of the Alpine Training Center of the Moena State Police. He has faced many ascents on the Alps and on the Dolomites and several non-European alpine expeditions. For years he has been working with Fitwell contributing to the creation of technical and essential footwear.

Paolo Borgonovo and Fitwell have been working together for a long time, sharing ideas, experiences, feedback, opinions and products tests. The purpose is to develop boots that can be perfectly adapted to the foot, thus ensuring maximum sensitivity during movement. In the perspective of “greater sensitivity is equivalent to greater performance”, they created the Contact model, which is characterized by extreme lightness and performance. Enveloping and ergonomic, it allows the foot to always react to the maximum of its possibilities, uphill, downhill and even on transvese paths.