Silvio “Gnaro” Mondinelli

Silvio “Gnaro” Mondinelli

Extraordinary physical and character qualities distinguish Silvo “Gnaro” Mondinelli, the second Italian mountaineer to have climbed all the 14 peaks above 8000 meters without the aid of oxygen.

Memorable expeditions and rescue operations carried out all over the world earned him the nickname of “Mountain Machine” and an estimate that he still enjoys internationally.

Silvio Mondinelli and Fitwell meet in 2015, sharing the same passion for the mountains. On one hand the experience on the field, the knowlwdge and the practice of someone who climbed all 14 8000m, on the other hand the know-how, the technical expertise and the professionalism of who build mountain boots for over 40 years. Their partnership led to the birth of the iconic Gnaro 8000 boot, a perfect summary of research, innovative materials and technologies. Designed and built to face the most extreme Hymalaiane shipments, it guarantees the highest standards in terms of lightness and thermal insulation.