An old-time atmosphere,
that smells of
leather and mastic.

Fitwell Qualità made in Italy

A work marked by the quick rhythm of the sewing machines, brushes and cutters.

This is the frame within which the Fitwell footwear takes shape as a result of the craftsmanship that each individual worker performs meticulously and with passion at the factory in Pederobba (TV), which produces boots characterized by the quality of Made in Italy, a distinctive element appreciated worldwide.

A careful study of the needs coming from the reference market and an accurate research of the materials are the basis of the complex production process that leads to the creation of the first prototypes. Once completed, these are entrusted to a team of highly qualified sportsmen who test them and return to the company valuable opinions to perfect the shoes.

Guarantee of quality, functionality and safety at international level, Fitwell shoes are specially built on different shapes, specific to their use and with anatomical fit from which result comfort and reliability.

From December 2018 Fitwell is officially recognized as a company belonging to the sector of artistic and traditional crafts.


Fitwell turns to trusted suppliers who are leaders in the production of materials used in the footwear field and whose values ​​are the same: efficiency and quality.


Nicknamed “frozen smoke”, due to its trasparency, aerogel is an insulated nanotechnology mat that stands very high temperatures and is an excellent thermal insulator, the highest thermal efficiency with minimal weight and thickness, can work well in both hot and cold climate.


Unique and very appealing design, SuperFabric® really high strenght materials are coated with extremely resistant resin. The result is a protective fabric with maximum abrasion resistance, breathable, flexible and relatively light.


eVent® Fabrics uses the PTFE Laminate technology and is incredibly breathable, allows the sweat to quickly evaporate to the outside, maintaining a dry microclimate around your feet. “Simply say: eVent® Fabrics let the sweat out”.


The brand Primaloft® Technology ensures excellent quality in terms of lightness, thermal insulation and softness, basic features for a winter mountaineering technical product able to retain warmth when wet, it dries and breaths.


Davos© designes and creates innovative soles to meet all the footwear needs and delivers superior grip in case of icy or slippery surfaces. A perfect combination with the Fitwell collection. The Galaxy sole made of carbon microspheres and silicone has a high grip, making it extremely efficient.


World leading company in the production of soles. The use of Vibram® soles in Fitwell production makes top quality products for durability, grip and performance.


Cordura® is a textile solution that uses synthetic nylon fibers and that guarantees elevated levels of resistance to abrasion and traction, maintaing at the same time breathability and lightness.

Air Move®

Innovative technology integrated in the footbed of Fitwell footwear, that guarantee the correct ventilation of the foot. The microfiber and memory foam layers ensure the highest level of comfort, while the shock absorbing heel seat in EVA with honeycomb construction allows the air circulation inside the shoe.