Fitwell Qualità made in Italy


No, our company doesn't own a shop or outlet.
No, Fitwell doesn't sell directly to final customers, not through a physical shop nor through an online shop.
You can find all the guidelines to the care and maintenance of Fitwell footwear here.
Our company doesn't offer the resoling service at extra charge. You can contact us here to receive information on our official cobblers for resoling.
Yes, all of Fitwell models can potentially be resoled. The wear conditions of the upper and of the shoe in general can be a discriminant for the feasability of the intervention. We remind you that as far as the models of the Work category are concerned the resoling (like any other kind of alteration) makes the safety certification void.
If you're interested in becoming a retailer of the Fitwell footwear you can contact us using our contact form. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Our company does NOT produce customized footwear.
To know which retailers are in your area, you can send your request through the contact form. Our customer service will answer you as soon as possible!
You can find our size chart here. We remind you that Fitwell produces technical products for outdoor activities, so we recommend trying on any footwear before buying it. If that is not possible, we inform you that the size can change based on the style, even though the length is the same in terms of cm/inches. That depends on the volume of the foot, on the internal volumes of the shoes and on the many distinctive features used during the production process.