After each use, the shoes need to be cleaned of mud and dirt with a damp cloth and, if necessary, washed with a mild soap using a soft brush. For an optimal drying process, it is advisable to fully open the shoes, remove the insole and leave the shoes in a cool and wall-aired place. The removal of the insole allows a better drying process and the removal of possible gravel that may have got inside the boot that could damage the waterproof eVent membrane, if present.

  • In case of shoes in LEATHER, NUBUCK or SUEDE LEATHER WITH PU FILM it is advisable to treat them with a thin layer of conditioner or grease, applied with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • In case of shoes in SUEDE LEATHER it is recommended to brush them with a soft bristles brush to remove dust and dirt and afterwards to waterproof them with a water based spray.

The treatment with the proper products is long lasting, but not permanent: reapply the products when necessary or after each use in severe conditions. Please note that the use of these products can cause a slight darkening of the colour of the leather



Guide lines for a correct care and maintenance of the Fitwell footwear:

  • Clean the boots after each use;
  • Clean and dry the eyelets in order to prevent the possible formation of rust;
  • If the lining is in leather, wipe the inside with a damp cloth after each use;
  • Treat the leather both inside and outside with the proper products;
  • Allow the boots to air dry, naturally and slowly, away from heat sources and the sun;
  • For repairs, it is advisable to take the footwear to a knowledgeable cobbler.

Fitwell recommends choosing carefully the right fit and size of the shoes, so that the foot is comfortably locked in place. In this way the foot won’t be able to move and the problems of wear of the lining will be eliminated. Although the Fitwell footwear is produced using water-repellent and resistant leather, atmospheric agents and wear can cause leather to dry and deteriorate.



All the products manufactured by Fitwell are covered by warranty for the duration of 2 years (Consumer Code art. 128 and following). The warranty doesn’t anyway cover wear and tear, improper use or improper care of the footwear.There is no established life span of the shoes, due to the variables that can affect footwear. Fitwell warranty does not extend to any Fitwell product that has been resoled, repaired or otherwise modified.

Any Fitwell products to be warrantied must be submitted to the retailer for evaluation, who will then send the footwear to Fitwell upon authorization. After the inspection, Fitwell will have the faculty to either replace or repair the product if considered under warranty or, otherwise, repair the shoes charging the cost to the end user.

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