La cura artigianale nella creazione di scarponi da alpinismo, backcountry, trekking e outdoor combinata ad una costante ricerca tecnologica, rendono le calzature Fitwell un prodotto unico ed irripetibile.


Un fotografo professionista, Federico Modica, seguito da altri quattro collaboratori, ha ideato una spedizione in Groenlandia per tentare di attraversare icebergs sospesi su una highline. Dal 12 al 27 giugno un'avventura che diventerà un film nel 2016.


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29.04.2016 Verso L'Ignoto - Daniele Nardi Gli aspetti umani di un tentativo di scalata di una delle montagne più dure della terra fino ad un passo dalla vetta. La sfida di Daniele Nardi nella sua ascesa invernale al Nanga Parbat -
22.03.2016 Grande Rocheuse Voie Originale la prima discesa di Capozzi, Galli, Herry and Trento Julien Herry reports about the first ski and snowboard descent of the Voie Originale down the South Face of Grande Rocheuse (4102m) in the Mont Blanc massif, carried out together with our ambassador Davide Capozzi, Lambert Galli and Denis Trento.
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03.03.2016 Between Heaven And Ice - Première BETWEEN HEAVEN AND ICE é il film documentario ufficiale della spedizione MONTURA ICEBERG CHALLENGE che ha visto i protagonisti Mattia Felicetti e Benjamin Kofler camminare per la prima volta nella storia lungo una Slackline ed una Highline su due Icebergs.

Il film verrà proiettato nella sala del CINEMA TEATRO NAVALGE di MOENA (TN) il giorno 15 MARZO ad ore 20.30
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17.02.2016 FREERIDE Review on SPLITBOARDING.EU "The Fitwell Freeride offers everything required for normal and ambitious Splitboard touring. It increases the ascent safety and performance of your entire Splitboard setup and is very comfortable. It is also great that Fitwell is produced in Italy!"
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08.02.2016 Leon Butler FREERIDE Review "More into Freeride then park or maybe your happy to be boot packing a couloir or taking the split board for a thrash, then no doubt you've struggled to find a boot that is stiff enough in the right paces without feeling like you wearing a ski boot.
My trouble was that no matter how stiff the manufacturers said the boot was it always collapsed after hard use, not to mention the pain of kicking in steps with a soft toe.
This winter i am lucky enough to have mountaineering brand Fitwell sponsoring me and they were kind enough to send out a pair of their latest boot, The Freeride.

This boot is brand new this winter and comes off the back of their massively popular split board specific boot the Backcountry.
First impression of the boot is the build quality, its second to none. Most snowboard boots look a little bit patched together but this has a real craftsmen feel. The sole is tough and looks like it will cope with most terrain. It's definitely on the stiff side and although it will soften slightly i think not as much as most boots.


After testing the boot out a few times I can back up the stiffness, it's not for jibbing that's for sure. The ATOP lacing system works great, it's nice being able to easily slacken off the laces when in touring mode and then be able to tighten again quickly. The powerstrap is another highlight, it's something that every snowboard boot should have, I don't understand why it's not standard. You can never get that snug fit around the top of the boot with standard lacing, the power strap just pulls it in and gives your shins something to push against to power through a turn. It's also a great addition when in touring mode, you can adjust the tightness around your shins to match the terrain.
The sole is fantastic, I tried it on ice and also scrambling up rock and the boot gripped fantastically.

They do seem to have a bit more forward lean then most boots but paired with a slightly softer flex makes for a supportive fit.
Overall this boot is exactly what I have been looking for. A stiff boot that holds you ankle and offers lateral support, this is particularly useful when traversing as it gives you control over your edges and takes away that awkward ankle pain.
They are bit on the heavy side, so if you are into saving a few grams then it may not be for you....personally I like knowing that something is going to hold up so weight doesn’t bother me. The main reason I like these boots is that I can use them for general Freeriding, as the name suggests, it's not just a pure split board boot and will easily cope with a day of charging around.

One thing I will say is that if, like me, you are used to regular snowboard boots then the Fitwell will take a few days to feel right. It will punish you if you're not on your game, but once you accept that then be prepared to never go back to regular boots again.

The last test is to see how they cope with a season of heavy use, but I get the feeling they are going to outlast me!”